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Your contribution will impact the future of over 300 at risk and vulnerable youth that Sustainable Hope works with in the Government Welfare Boarding schools in Thailand. Click on the “Donate Now” button to give.

2017 Leadership Camps

Sustainable Hope International and Sustainable Hope Thailand Foundation has just completed 2 of its highly successful 2017 “We Can English club” leadership camps providing a brighter future for over 600 students in their respective school. Six participating schools were from the Issan Provinces and four were from the Chiang Mai Province. These students will become Thai leaders in the future.

One of Sustainable Hope International’s scholars has a brighter future

Thitaya was 11 years old when she inherited her 2 year old nephew – due to the death of his parents in an accident. To support the family Thitaya’s mother had to work many miles away, leaving Thitaya responsible for the total care of her nephew. She washed her school uniform daily, care for the nephew, ironed her uniform early every morning and took him to daycare, then walked to school. All through her schooling she maintained a 3.4+ GPA. Upon high school graduation, she received a scholarship from Sustainable Hope International.

This May she received her A.A. in accounting with a 3.25 GPA. She applied for and received two more years of scholarship. She is currently finishing her junior year in accounting from a prestigious university in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She will graduate with a Bachelors in accounting in the spring of 2016.

Sustainable Hope International has been operating its program in Thailand for the last 4½ years and this is their first graduating scholar to complete and receive a degree in Thailand. Currently there are 7 scholars sponsored by Sustainable Hope. Two other students have completed a 4 year Bachelor’s degree and will receive their diploma this fall. Their story will be appear here soon.

With help of people like you, Thitaya has been able to go from poverty to a high level of self-sufficiency – with Sustainable Hope


Celebrate the Thai New Year at Songkran 2017

You are invited to celebrate a traditional Thai New Year

Songkran 2017

a gala to honor the Thai King and to benefit Sustainable Hope International


April 14, 2017

Adams Pointe Conference Center

1400 NE Coronado Drive

Blue Springs, MO 64014

6:30 p.m.: Cocktails (Cash Bar) and Silent Auction

7:00 p.m.: Dinner

8:00 p.m.: Program/Auction

8:45 p.m.: Jazz Band/Dancing


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We Can Clubs

In the next few days starting November 10, 2014, Ken Brookens, CEO and Field Manager for Sustainable Hope Thailand Foundation will be visiting eight Government Welfare School that have complete the certification training and have formed “We Can English Clubs”. One of our schools is the Chiang Dao “We Can English Club pictured here and we want to extend to them our thanks and appreciation for their Hospitality in hosting the the “we Can English Club” Camp last May. We hope to see who has qualified qualify for the free T Shirts this November. In the next few days all of the workshops clubs each of the schools will be featured here.

Which your clubs will qualify for the “We Can English Club” T Shirt November 2014?

We will determine the students that have qualified for the We Can English Club T Shirt. Each Clubs teacher/facilitator will need to have the club secretary to document and forward the information to Sustainable Hope International on its website. The club students that have completed the following will be eligible for the T Shirt:

Schools needs to have an organized and active “We Can English Club”

Have had 6 to 8 club meetings before the end of the first semester (October 2014)

The club secretary needs to fill in the forms in the Secretary Hand Book and forward the reports to Sustainable Hope International via the web site

The guidelines for the “We Can English Club can be found in the Facilitator Certification Training Manual provided to the facilitators at the May Training workshop.
If your need more information contact me at