About Sustainable Hope International

Sustainable Hope International has worked with more than 600 youth in Asia. With your help we can continue to open the doors of hope for these impoverished orphaned youth and their communities.

Our Mission

We empower vulnerable youth to claim a self-sufficient future through life, learning and leadership skills.

Our Vision

Our passion is to serve at-risk youth worldwide in attaining their potential through education and leadership development, regardless of their religion, race, national origin, or gender.

Sustainable Hope International envisions at-risk youth:

1. Becoming leaders within their communities as adults, i.e. business, academic, and other professions.

2. Valuing the importance of giving back to others and becoming models of community service.

3. Serving as global citizens through international and intercultural experiences.

4. With proper education at-risk youth can significantly improve people’s lives. It benefits people, society, and the world as a whole.

5. Empowering youth to read, reason, communicate, and make informed choices about their lives.