Sustainable Hope International prepares youth for potential scholarship awards and helps youth develop language, leadership and life skills by partnering with the Thailand Ministry of Education in providing a unique leadership training program in government sponsored welfare schools and orphanages.

The program, developed by Synago LLC, is licensed to Sustainable Hope International for use in authorized We CanTM English Clubs. As youth participate in the Club activities they develop the ability to make positive life choices based upon sound values and qualify for scholarship awards.

Built around a three year curriculum, We CanTM English Clubs focus on these themes:

Year 1:   Understanding Myself
Year 2:   Understanding my Relationship with Others
Year 3:   Understanding how I Make a Difference in my World

Club organization and structure maximizes the opportunity for a young person to develop leadership skills and actively engage in serving the community.

Education is a proven pathway out of poverty!

youth_logo_ICONS-01_trLearning is a lifelong process. When youth use multiple learning styles, their understanding and comprehension of new knowledge and experiences increase greatly.

youth_logo_ICONS-02_trLanguage enables youth to convey thoughts and ideas., influence others and lead. Youth who are bi-lingual, with English as a second language are more successful as a global leader in every area of life and career.

youth_logo_ICONS-04_trLife Skills such as communication, decision-making, critical-thinking, emotional maturity, self-esteem, relating to others, budgeting, organizing, and making healthy choices all are foundational for successful life management.

youth_logo_ICONS-03_trLeadership skills develop character , confidence, a strong work ethic, problem solving, cross-cultural communication and the ability to organize and manage. In fact, potential employers list leadership over math, writing, and reading as essential in the workplace.

youth_logo_ICONS-05_trLiving in Community challenges youth to solve real-life problems while working with others in their community to find solutions to issues like education, public safety, and the environment.

We CanTM English Club Structure:

Official enrollment requires:

  • A recognized sponsoring organization. (may be a community group, welfare school, government program, etc.)
  • A certified trained adult Advisor who is actively involved in each meeting guiding the activities.
  • The club is organized with a youth leadership team.
  • There are one or more youth selected and trained as club leaders.
  • A suitable meeting place is secured for the program year.
  • The club will meet at least ten times during the year.
  • The curriculum is followed and adapted as needed.
  • Basic information on each participating youth is gathered and kept with the Advisor.
  • Attendance is taken at each meeting.

Club Meeting Elements

Designed to develop leadership skills and strengthen character.

Clubs are organized groups of young people who learn and practice sharing club leadership roles and are supported by adult volunteer leaders.

Meetings typically include

  • the conducting of some business (discussion and decisions on club meetings and activities and on identifying and planning a community service project.)
  • an educational program (group building and learning activities organized and guided by the adult sponsor based on the We CanTM curriculum)
  • and a time for individual reflection and journaling.

The club frequently includes opportunities for leadership, citizenship, and public speaking.  It may meet in any location and is authorized through the licensed organization.

We Can™ Club Organization:

The We CanTM English Club is organized with a student member leadership team. Club members “rotate” into the different leadership positions so that every member has the chance to learn and serve. This gives everyone an opportunity to develop leadership, management, public speaking, communication and relational skills.

Club Advisors may select and assign leadership positions for the next meeting at the end of the previous meeting. The Club Advisor should meet with the Team Leader and the Team Co-Leader before every meeting.

  • The We Can™ English Club has a Leadership Team of nine members.
  • All members of the Leadership Team:
    • Are responsible for all duties under their area of leadership.
    • Should try to give their very best to complete each duty.
    • May recruit (ask another student) and delegate (give that student a particular duty) any of their duties to another member.
    • Sometimes meet together a day before the meeting to prepare the program, gather material needed, and make sure the details of the meeting are taken care of.